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Classic Rock Magazine

Review of "What's It To Ya"

by Sleazegrinder

SNEW sound like every band in Decline Of Western Civilization Part II at once; the goons in the hot tub, the guy from WASP having a nervous breakdown in his swimming pool, Ozzy ruining breakfast, even the girl who wins the ass shaking contest and says she's going to work on her "actressing". Pure uncut Hollywood slither rock, oozing and woozing.

October issue 2012



Review of "What's It To Ya"

by Glenn Milligan

Well what can I say, I just love these guys and their fired up brand of dirty rock 'n' roll splendour.

Pure tongue in cheek kinda stuff of the AC/DC vein with songs like 'I Got A Rocket' and 'Pull My Stinger' - wonder what they are about? - lol. This is packed with fun loving stuff of the party nature as you can imagine. There's a song about a hoover in 'Electrolux' or what about the funky coming complete with cowbell 'Unglued'.

"A ballad?", you exclaim, "A ballad?" - well kinda I suppose in the southern sounding 'Bad Words' but then it revs back up with the country rockin' Young-brother riff-like title track 'What's It To Ya' and the bluesy boogie based 'All Over You' that closes the album.

Another fine album from one of California's best bands that you all need to know about!


September 22 2012


Get Ready To Rock

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By David Wilson

Snew are purveyors of fine sleaze rock all the way from Los Angeles. This is the band's third album and they have pulled in experienced producers and mixers to add polish to their songs and the finished article is rather good.

The guys have their collective tongues firmly in their cheeks lyric wise with titles like ' Release The Beast', 'I Got A Rocket' and 'Pull My Stinger' which was the lead single and has an accompanying video featuring the band in bee keeper outfits in an apiary intercut with a young lady playing with honey, sticky stuff !

Musically you get well played, sleazy, hard rock with plenty of attitude and vocalist Curtis Don Vito sounding like AC/DC's Brian Johnson but at a lower register. The actual songs are nothing (s)new, standard sleaze rock songs, but they are well played and entertaining enough to merit repeated plays.

September 24 2012


Slam! Party Rock Zine

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Moreno Lissoni

Se conoscete già il combo americano capitanato da Curtis Don Vito, sapete già cosa aspettarvi dal nuovo "What's It To Ya", in caso contrario eccomi qui a parlarvi della loro terza fatica da studio.

Come per le precedenti release, il gruppo californiano continua a suonare dello sporco rock and roll intriso di alcool e fumo e che vede nei Jackyl l'accostamento musicale più naturale da fare per inquadrare la loro proposta, anche per via del cantato di Don Vito, molto simile a quello di Jesse James Dupree.

Anche se ancorati un po' troppo a certi schemi, "What's It To Ya" risulta un gradito ritorno per un gruppo che è una garanzia per chi ama certe sonorità e, che a mio avviso, è anche il loro miglior biglietto da visita.

In conclusione segnalo l'ingresso nella formazione del bassista di colore Willie Basse, che qualcuno potrà ricordare nei Black Sheep (gruppo in cui militò anche Slash prima di entrare nei Guns N' Roses) e con George Lynch.

September 23 2012


Hard Rock Hideout

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Robb Rockitt

You may have seen the new SNEW CD, What's It To Ya advertised on That Metal Show. You may have even said, "Who in the hell is SNEW?" Let me tell you, if you haven't checked SNEW yet, you are missing out on one of the best new bands to come out of Hollywood in quite some time. What does SNEW sound like? Blend the ass-kicking rock of Jackyl, AC/DC and maybe a dabble of Accept, and you will know what to expect. What's it To Ya is SNEW's third CD, and easily their best. To my ears, this CD features the band's best music, and song writing to date. This CD is packed with a bunch of catchy hard rocking tunes, that classic rock fans are going to love.

So what's new about SNEW this time? The band now features former Black Sheep front man, Willie Basse on bass. Willie's big bass sound only helps to bolster SNEW's take no prisoner's style of rock. I don't know if his addition has added new energy to the band, but Curtis Don Vito is singing like a man possessed on his record. Every single song rocks, and while this isn't the longest of CD's, it is 40 minutes of some of the best hell raising tunes I have listened to in 2012. I can't get enough of this!

If you like bluesy, raw, kick-ass rock & roll, What's It To Ya is a CD you are going to want to add to your collection and soon! You can become a member of the SNEW World order by picking up What's It To Ya at Amazon.com, iTunes or direct from the band at Snewstore.com. Don't miss this!


October 9 2012


Metal Fields

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Metalvurry

What is rockin' and rollin' over the great sea to our house? It's the american hard rock band Snew…so it's time for a review.

The four-piece from Hollywood/California is celebrating this genre with high class technique from the first tune on their third longplayer "What's it to Ya". The mangy voice of Curtis DonVito sets it apart from the amount of AC/DC clone bands. Like a Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth of Rock'n Roll he enriches the ten songs with a smokey note. The riffs of their australian idols are not copied anymore like for example on their debut "Snew You". With the title track the guys hot up every party.

On "Release the Beast" the tempo is increase enormous and with "I got a Rocket" all party dreams come true. The boys from the west coast prove a lot of humor with the groovin' track "Electrolux"… I think with this they wrote the first rock'n roll song about a vacuum cleaner. But there is also space for some quiet moments on the album cause "Bad Words" is affected by slow tempo and thoughtful lyrics. The ladies of the world are valued discreet with "Clever Girl" but with "Tearing up your City" I'm (theoretical) sitting on my bike again at full throttle. "All over You" is hitting my visor in confederate style and with "Unglued" I am ending my trip with some whiskeys in a bar. For "Pull my Stinger" I am only writing this: Eat more honey…that's very healthful ! To stimulate your appetite watch the approbiate video.

Ready is the review of Snew…and all that comes in rhymes is good.


February 9 2012


Black Velvet

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Alaina Henderson

"What's It To Ya" is the question from hard rockers SNEW with their latest release. With their brand of in your face, raw and ready sleaze rock, this is a compilation of real rock tunes. With titles such as "Release The Beast" and "Pull My Stinger". It might get you thinking what this lot are actually getting at.

After giving this a listen, it's obvious - some great music. The screeching vocals can compete with any of the big guns from the 1980s heyday of Van Halen et al, plus with the catchy nature of tracks like "I Got A Rocket", it's the complete package. With producer Ken Scott on their side, who has worked with the likes of The Beatles and David Bowie, it's no surprize that this album really can do no wrong. If you enjoy classic rocking vibes given a bit of an electric shock, this is for you.

February 2013


Metal Centre

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Gnom

American's hard-rockers released their third album. Obviously Bobby Owsinski was the producer of album and Ken Scott occupied with the recording and the mixing. Well, so good persons could occupy only the good music.

SNEW again proved that Hard Rock still lives and the music is able to pretty well kick ass of listeners. Anyway, the band belongs to young teams (with the practice) but the guys show us sharp Hard Rock from 80th years. They don't need to play Death Metal to create predatory music. Their arrangements are very hard, heavy and very rhythmical as well as I have impression that they play yet more in style of AC/DC than at the previous albums. It is audible in sound of the vocal and in the way of singing particularly. Although the instrumental arrangements also associated to AC/DC - the characteristic riffs, the sharp solos, the hard pullings in style of Blues-Rock and the specific melodies.

The feature differentiating SNEW from AC/AC is the Hammond organs in the background. Moreover the work "Bad Words" is balladic song in Hard Rock style. And therefore SNEW also has own ideas for creating of Hard Rock.

"What's It To You" is as the retrospective album with the sharp, dynamic and very catchy pieces.

October 14 2012


Noizz Webzine

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Martín Moreno

Desde los Estados Unidos, concretamente Los Angeles, nos llega una enérgica propuesta de Hard Rock con tintes clásicos y sonido fresco de la mano de SNEW y lo que ya es su tercer álbum, que lleva el título de "What's It To Ya". Entre sus influencias destacan a bandas como MOTÖRHEAD, ALICE COOPER, RAMONES, KISS, MC5 y AC/DC, siendo estos últimos los que más mella han hecho en el sonido del grupo, por lo que puedes esperarte un disco repleto de ritmos electrizantes y mucho estilo. Todo ello con una magnífica producción llevada a cabo por Bobby Owsinski y grabado por el legendario Ken Scott. El resultado es un disco de Hard Rock elegante, potente, con mucho ritmo y talento.

Una de las cosas que más llaman la atención de este trabajo es la capacidad que tiene la banda para componer temas a la vieja usanza, con un feeling similar al que consiguen algunos de los grandes nombres citados anteriormente entre sus influencias. A la vez hay que tener en cuenta que el sonido es francamente bueno, incluso con un toque de frescura, lo que hace que el acabado tenga una gran calidad y sirva para que los temas lleguen a su máximo esplendor. Pero no es solo una cuestión técnica o de añoranza lo que hace que "Whta's It To Ya" sea un buen trabajo, es sobretodo el ritmo y lo contagioso de los temas lo que hace de este tercer disco de SNEW una referencia obligada dentro del Hard Rock.

Probablemente todavía les falta un poco para llegar a la altura de grupos como KISS, AC/DC o MOTÖRHEAD, pero sin duda van por el buen camino como demuestra este disco. Una colección de diez temas que no dejarán indiferente a nadie que le guste el Rock, y que si los escuchas a todo volumen te engancharán.


October 15 2012


Graceful Degradation

Review of "What's It To Ya"

By Clare

My favourite LA sleaze rockers kindly sent me their third album What's It To Ya a while back. New album, new bass player (Willie Basse - he of Black Sheep fame), same sense of fun, and as always high quality, belting, good-time rock 'n' roll. Long time producer Bobby Owsinski remains at the helm, with the legendary Ken Scott (The Beatles, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, and many, many more) recording and mixing.

I know I've said it before, but Curtis Don Vito does sound scarily like Brian Johnson, and there's more than a hint of AC/DC's influence in Snew's style. Never a bad thing, especially when this foursome pull it off so well. Title track What's It To Ya has a bit of a country flair thrown in, would you believe, but very much tongue in cheek I think. It's good fun anyway, and the blues harmonica asides in otherwise fast-paced heavy rocker All Over You is a great touch. Innuendo-filled sleaze remains very much on the agenda with the likes of I Got A Rocket and Pull My Stinger, and Electrolux has precisely nothing to do with spring-cleaning.

Snew are always good value, always up for a good time, and they play music that you will want to listen to again and again. They're doing it all themselves, and have built up quite a reputation along the way. If you haven't come across them yet do yourself a favour, and give Snew a listen.

October 19 2012